Richard Barry

Bands, friends, lovers, mothers, others...

The Debt Set

Alabaster Deplume - Poet and Saxophonist

Honeyfeet - Folk Jazz Boogie Woogie

Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six - Mad Dirt-Swing

Monkey Poet - Matt Panesh- Poet and Satirist

T. E. Yates - Alternative Indie Folk

Other music we like

Al Baker & The Dole Queue - Riot Folk

Liz Green - Folk Blues Singer

Scratters & The Funky Disco Pig - Surreal Funk

The Moulettes - Folk Pop Melodrama

The Travelling Band - Close-Harmony Folk Rock

They do good work

Debt Records - Our wonderful record label

Frog Soup - Our web designers

Other good things

Manchester Scenewipe - Documenting Manchester's Live Scene

Plastic Zoo - Film and Animation Company

The Dancehouse Theatre - The best stage to perform on in Manchester

Un-Convention - Global Grass Roots Music Conference

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