About Me (Richard)

Richard Barry

Right, let's get to the meat, cut the obfuscation, relinquish ambiguity, immolate all modesty, then masticate, then spit out, the indigestible pips of uncertainty. Have we all done that? Right! I’m a musician, writer, quizmaster, voice-over artiste and bon viveur. How’s it going? ...Sorry I didn't catch that... Oh,Great, I'm glad! I’ve written thousands of songs, poems and silly things, and now that the black clouds have come, I am writing even more. I've done many voice overs for cinema, television and radio, and once stood in for Leslie Phillips!, a name I'm not ashamed to drop! I perform regularly all over the country, have recorded dozens of albums, which may become available whilst I’m still green side of the sod, I’m Welsh (invoking law of jus sanguinis), I had a successful childhood, accent bashed out of me at school in England, learnt to love and embrace life, then learnt to narrow my eyes at its capriciousness, and although sometimes I’d like to pull out my own hypothalamus with a pair of those retractable toy claws I used to play with as a boy, I’ll still try and entertain you with guitar, ukulele and abusive ad-libs. Yours, moved to tears, Richard X

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