Articles, writings and musings

Richard Barry

A selection of articles and nonsenses I have written.
If you would like me to write for you, please get in touch to discuss my outrageous demands.

Summit's Up

Written around midday in a beer garden, in the Lakes, after a lovely little stroll around Brotherswater.

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Live and Let Dial

Radio is good, radio is our pal.

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Taxi Cads

Written through extreme annoyance for Now Then Magazine 2013.

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Lit 'R' Us

A rubbish little bit of prose, this one. Written for Now Then Magazine 2013

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A House Shared is a Problem Doubled

Written during a harrowing stay in a garret room above a mustard filcher. Arsehole.

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Those? Spokes, Zarathustra

An article on cycling I wrote for Now then magazine in April 2013

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