The Bloody Album!

Richard Barry

It's here, it's here my pretties, damn your eyes! There are loads of them, all blocking the door to the spandrel, denying me access to the iron and my secret box of 'things'. We here, at Richard Barry and the Chaps, are all very proud and very excited about its prospects. That's where you come in, my doe-eyed lovelies. It should be bought, enjoyed, then copied and distributed on the beige market. Here's how.
Visit the Debt Records shop.
It will also be available on iTunes and Amazon as well as through this bleedin' site, too, as soon as we sort the pay-bleedin'-pal nonsense. As well as live band The Chaps the record features contributions from members of Honeyfeet and The Bedlam Six.
A UK tour will coincide with the release, (more than likely), so just listen, blast you!
We also have enough material for another hundred albums, so there's always a chance you'll get bored, but not yet, not yet.
Yours, moved to tears, Richard X

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